As man comes into this World;
If he can’t choose his family
If he can’t choose his gender
If he can’t choose his religion
If he can’t choose the geography he was born in

Black or white

Can’t choose the color of her skin either
When there is such a plain truth
How do you not understand this, critter!
I say critter because unfortunately it was created

He did not know how and where he was born, but he did not realize
There was a demonstration in a documentary about the size of the known universe
As the screen goes backwards, you say no way every time.
The world that we think is huge is not actually a dust grain in the universe
And we continue to ping each other in that dust grain

The world continues

Regional wars never end
We started counting world wars 1. 2.
As if we were waiting for the third season of series
Human civilization has changed unbelievably and is changing
But the prejudices we have created in our minds have never changed and do not change
Whatever urge we have 3000 years ago, we still have it today

OK. You have to compete to live
If we don’t compete, if we don’t wonder, if we don’t investigate, we couldn’t come to this level.
But who is our opponent, who are we actually competing with?
Maybe we haven’t met our opponent yet
His skin is black, her skin is yellow, their skin is white
He believes this, she believes that, others believe nothing
While losing our minds with all time
We can’t see what we lost


When you’re confused, step back a few steps
Turn your head towards the sky
Or I will not tire you so far
Look before your eyes
Look, look more carefully, maybe you can see
You know what you don’t see
Billions of DUST you live with …

you may look at;